Julie Spokus

Next Phase Solutions
Business Analyst / Scrum Master

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An experienced IT Specialist with over 20 years of experience, I have worked in various fields: K-12 education, higher education, legal, healthcare, and government contracting. I started as an admin assistant, became a technical trainer, and then moved into agile software development as a product owner and a scrum master. Throughout my career, I have done business analysis as part of my job even when I did not hold that specific title. I am passionate about agile software development, and I hold various agile certifications. My dream position: working on a team that focuses on delivering quality software that our customers want to use and ends every work day feeling accomplished and proud. My full title if I was in the Game of Thrones: I am Julie Voss of the House Spokus, First of Her Name, the Scrum Master, Queen of Stories and Continuous Improvement, Khaleesi of Collaboration, Breaker of Blockers, and Mother of Unicorns
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