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I am doing my best to dive deep on the path of organisational effectiveness Agile Coach. I aim to learn and help companies to implement a culture of continuous improvement, always having in mind the core intention to transform work into a learning experience.
I struggle with some issues connected with agile transformation and the old school.
In terms of Indicators and metrics what are the impactful indicators to produce to the Executive Team? Sometimes what is produced by an Agile Team is not what is expected from a traditional business status report. What Are the best indicators to accompany both when there is a mindset gap. What types of reports are more effective in this situation?

Related to the team dysfunctions, I would like to have practical situations and how they were solved. e.g. see how my colleagues/peers deal with:A Product Owner that knows the Business but writes stories in excel and refuses to use Jira saying that he has no time to waste with that.A Product Owner that doesn't write acceptance criteria and prioritize the Stories but engages 2 or 3 BAs to the Scrum team that has 4 developers and says the Business Analysts should write the users stories and present it to the dev team because there is a lot of work and the PO just says Yes or NO.
I would like to see different and innovative ways to dinamize Retrospectives and Reviews so that as a Scrum Master I could motivate the team and engage stakeholders; 

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